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  • I will not returned missed calls unless you leave a message.
  • My number is registered to not receive cold calling / business calls. e.g http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps/index.html They have the power to fine companies up to £500,000 that break the rules on unsolicited texts and phone calls. Cold Callers will be blocked.
  • Any inappropriate callers making offensive requests for unprofessional services not offered (extras), requesting age/ race or gender of the therapist, will be blocked and blacklisted.
  • If you think your phone number has been black listed in error, please email me via the contact page.
  • Calls from blocked numbers: will not be answered.

Appointment etiquette:

  • Please come to the appointment clean, e.g. if you're coming after a long work day, please wash/shower before coming to your appointment. It is appreciated some have medical conditions affecting body odour, but, Portsmouth Massage requests people come for appointments considering health and hygiene standards both for the therapist and themselves. If you smell really really bad, it probably means theres lots of bacteria around and rubbing/spreading that around isn't good for either of us ;-p.
  • Don't worry about having some spots. Infectious acne /skin conditions can't be worked over - but your appointment can work around this - especially using reflexology etc.
  • Please cover warts or infectious/open lesions. These areas won't be worked over, and please ensure you have pointed out such issues.
  • Please do not worry about non infectious skin conditions, acne scaring etc, I am well used to working with all sorts of conditions, and after all, the idea is that massage therapy will help balance things out for you and hopefully improve things for you.
  • All therapies including massaging of feet will include an initial cleanse. Please dont be insulted - its not because i think your feet are dirty/smelly; its part of the routine, and at minimum removes tickly sock fluff!! :-) If you do not want your feet touched or only from over towels, please let me know at start of appointment.
  • Not a sexual service. This is a professional proper massage therapy service, so please do not ask the therapist for anything else.
  • No naturalist massages. Clients will be covered with towels, and keep on underwear. please dont waste either of our time by asking for nude massages.
  • Anyone behaving inappropriately before or during appointments - requesting anything not listed on this website will have their appointment cancelled immediately without refund.
  • Anyone behaving inappropriately will be black listed and blocked.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Data protection

Portsmouth Massage’s Data Protection Policy gives details about how your data is handled. It includes details on how sensitive information will be protected and used.

Cancellations and rescheduling:

  • Appointments are for a specific time allocation. If you arrive late for your appointment by up to 10 minutes, I will try to accomodate and allow the appointment to start late. However if you are late, it is still part of the appointment time and I may not always be able to extend your appointment  -  if I have other clients afterwards, need the appointment to start on time, so it will still be within the charged duration. Please allow sufficient time for parking etc. There is a comfortable waiting area with hot and cold drink facilities if you arrive early. If you are so late that it becomes necessary to reschedule, this will be under the same terms as cancellation/no show.
  • Kirsten may accept out calls from existing customers or by referral: booking will be subject to minimum fee & travel/parking arrangements.

    For out-calls please note you will need a good amount of floor space, and preferably a quiet, undisturbed non smoking environment. If limited space we can arrange a treatment using a portable massage chair.

    For Out-calls there will is a minimum treatment value of £65) i.e. 2 x 30 min, or 1 x 1hr 15 minutes).

  • An outcall fee will be calculated for appointments outside of Portsmouth, based on distance/travel/parking costs. 
  • Also available for full day or week bookings for groups, corporate or special events or holiday locations.

  • Corporate or event bookings for half day or full day will be charged according to number of treatments booked. This is ideal for corporations looking to offer this type of benefit to staff.
  • It is possible to organise two therapists on request.
  • Hot Stone & Warm Bamboo Massages are In-house only.