Hot and Cold Stone Therapy:

On massage couch with heated mat. You can opt to include cold marble stones in the therapy. The session can also be combined with Warm bamboo massage sticks and reflexology or facials. Please discuss preferences when booking. Hot stones are place acros the body, between toes and the stones are used for massaging the body.

Hot Volcanic Balsalt and Jade Stones can be combined with Cold Marble stones for an invigorating massage which stimulates the circulation to the skin and tissues, stimulates nervous system and helps detox. Think along the lines of going to a sauna and alternating heat with ice. 

Hot Stone Back, Neck Shoulders

45 Minutes


Hot Stone Full Body

1 hour 15 minutes


Hot Stone Full body (ideal if including hot and cold stone therapy, with more time for all areas: facial, hand and feet etc.).

1 hour 30 minutes


Focused Area: Select area to focus on or half body.

1: Face, Neck Scalp

2: Feet

3: Hands and arms.

4: Back, Neck & Shoulders, upper chest.

5. Seated Indian Head Massage.

6. Seated and Dressed Acupressure Massage

Full Body:

Back, Legs, Feet, Upper Chest, Shoulders, Neck, Scalp, Face, Arms, Hands & Stomach. 1 hr will generally be some full body with focus area (such as back and legs. Longer sessions allow thorough work on each section. 

  • for deeper tissue or Cellulite work you can incorporate use of Electric Sports Massager or Bamboo Sticks.
  • If you have a preference for the session to include or not include incense, candles, aromatherapy.
  • Head Extension/Arm Extension for Table for those taller than 6.6 or broad shouldered.

  • Please see About Therapies page for more information, cancellation policy, and outcalls.

Bookings and Payment:

    • Please refer to the Calendar page to see availability before booking via phone, email or text.
    • Payment page list of payment options including online payments.
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