Pre and Post Natal Massage

2nd and Third Trimester. Therapies are not provided during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Please discuss any medical issues which may affect recieving a massage before you book the appointment to ensure you recieve the correct booking for your needs. Ask your GP or Midwife’s agreement that massage is advisable for you.

Relaxing and rebalancing massage with choice of Aromatherapy to sooth and destress.

Can be combined with Reflexology for Pregnancy.

Seated, or table with supports & on side. Dressed without oils, or unrobed covered with towels, with oils.

Massage can be used to relieve tension during pregnancy, including techniques to ease back strain, help fluid retention, whilst helping to balance the emotions during this important time. Massage during pregnancy can also help to prepare expectant mothers for labour and make the postnatal period less stressful.  

Contra-indications to Massage during Pregnancy

There are certain instances in which it is not advisable to receive a massage during pregnancy. These include:

  • during the first trimester of pregnancy

  • if there is a decrease in fetal movement over a twenty four hour period

  • if suffering from a fever

  • a severe headache

  • if you have an infection

  • if experiencing morning sickness, vomiting or nausea

  • vaginal bleeding or heavy vaginal discharge

  • faintness

  • undiagnosed pain in the abdomen , or anywhere else in the body

  • excessive swelling to the extremities

  • immediately after eating (it is best to wait one and half to two hours)

  • in the case of a high risk pregnancy

    NB. It is important for clients to seek advice from their GP/ Primary health care professional before receiving massage if they suffer from a medical condition, or have any complications with their pregnancy. 

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